Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why your handbags gets messy so quickly?

You start out with good intentions, clean and organize your items carefully  and always make sure that you only add in the things you need to keep in your bag. However, have you ever wondered why your purse continues to fill up with junk few days after you have cleaned your purse , no matter how hard you try to keep in clean. It has become noticeably heavier, with items crammed in every nook and cranny. 

Why is it  that women's handbags get messy so quickly?

"I need those receipts..."
Many women, in the quest for better money management, shove purchase receipts into their purses without the slightest thought. The initial intent is to grab up the receipts and record the amounts at the end of the day so as to balance one's account. But somehow, that just never seems to happen. Or perhaps you've told yourself to hold onto your receipt, lest you need to return the item for a refund or exchange. These are all valid reasons for keeping receipts. The problem is that they never really end up where they're supposed to. Your purchased items rarely need to be returned, and those little pieces of paper end up in what could be called the Receipt Graveyard at the bottom of your handbag. 

The Anti-Litterbug
There is also the chance that you're the one of those people who can't stand littering, or having a car full of trash. Thus, every single piece of personal litter goes right into one of the compartment in your handbag. And it seems that you're always too far away from a trash can to toss away those other bits of debris.

Handbags are Getting Bigger and Bigger
You can probably credit your favourite celebrities for reintroducing the trend of the big handbag. We will never really know what's in them. We only know that they're huge and fabulous. With bags being made larger and larger, the consumer has larger space to add things. In short, the bigger the purse, the more items women toss into them.

Bags Now Have More Compartments
The proliferation of technological gadgets dictates that women need snug places to keep them. Thus, handbag manufacturers have made sure that their bags always have more compartments for everything. Install more compartments, and women will find more ways to be disorganized.

Women on the Go
Today's modern woman has more things to do outside of the home than she does inside of it. Thus, she finds that the handbag she carries must keep up with her lifestyle. Bags these days must not only handle the essentials of womanhood but also the trappings of her daily routine. Most of the items like toiletries and an assortment of other 'necessities' must go into the bag. With less time to organize, it is quite natural that the bags would become cluttered with stuff. 

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