Saturday, 12 November 2011

Shoes Trends for Spring Summer 2012

Buckles will stay in Spring Summer 2012 again. So, just get yourself a pair of buckles shoes for another spring and summer season.
Last spring some designers made attempts to make transparent shoes popular but no one took them seriously. For Spring Summer 2012 there are some designers has increased dramatically and now we understand that last season the shoes made of sheer vinyl were just the first fruits we were afraid to try.
Super mega platform shoes aren’t very comfortable to wear and hardly look womanly at all. But tastes differ and we are sure there are fans of this type of shoes too.
For a couple of seasons in a row rounded toes have been on top of the list. Now finally we see the change towards pointed toes which are much sexier and feminine. Pointed toes will be featured on shoes mostly. 
Just like shining clothing is going to be in trend in Spring Summer 2012, shining shoes is also one of the key trends in this season. Silver and gold footwear is the most popular on the runway, but you can try different colors in order to make yourself stand out in the crowd.
Rivets will be a great hit during Spring Summer 2012 . They come on all types of footwear from high-heeled pumps to biker boots. Rivets can be small and almost invisible or large and made to focus attention on them. Make sure you wear rivets in this season.
Lacing still stay with us from last season and keeps it high position in the world of fashion. We see lots of it on shoes and sandals but it’s no longer as trendy on boots.
When D&G showcased their Spring 2011 collection with tons of wedges, we realized the style would stay with us for long. For Spring Summer 2012, wedges are still very popular as well as espadrilles. They has become less colorful.
Pastel colors will be as popular for clothing as for they are for shoes during Spring Summer 2012. Nude is the trendiest but rosy, aqua, light yellow and pale green will  be always featured.
Those of you who love to make accents with their bright shoes can sigh with relief as bright hues will stay with us despite the obvious rein of pastels this season.
Some footwear producers use metallic toes for practical purposes in order to make their shoes more durable. But during Spring Summer 2012, metallic toes is very trendy and designers decided to bring metallic toes to a new and more glamorous level.

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Some shoes are totally sexy and glamorous, others are more comfortable than lovely. And it's only you can decide what type of shoes is best for yourself in this Spring Summer 2012.

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